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Always been regarded as micro-display Rear Projection TV Lifespan development bottleneck problem was initially resolved. In this year's CES Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung and Akai introduced included LED New light source technology DLP Rear projection television, the industry see the light micro-display rear projection television technology from the traditional U HP New LED light bulb to a qualitative change. DLP rear projection light source while the issue of adoption of new technologies, will further intensify its "rear projection allies" 3 LCD Camp Competition ? Light source the core technology of the preliminary settlement, it will be the projection market, in another Sell Peak.

Industry Expert Pointed out: Although the pressure has been eased bottlenecks, but the flat-panel TV and forced the dual pressures of traditional CRT TVs, rear projection market embarrassing situation in the near term there is a big improvement.

Bottleneck interim relief pressure Micro-display rear projection key problem of the capture, immediately attracted a lot of consumer attention. In this regard, experts bluntly: the core issue is resolved, a number of other technical issues will be resolved.

China Video Industry Association of large screen projection branch of the Secretary-General Zhao Handing that: "LED light source technology of new micro-display rear projection of the entire industry with the revolutionary impact of this technology such as radiation to the 3LCD and LCOS micro- Display projection products. source technical problems, so other components become relatively simple upgrade. "

Fact, Digital TV And high-definition TV have begun broadcasting, and pushed the micro-display rear projection TV market, performance, picture quality improvement and unit size low cost advantages to micro-display rear projection, while the light life of the solution to this bottleneck, but also competing micro-display rear projection increased TV Market chips.

Epson China Xiao-Yun Yang, Director of Planning and Survey said: "With the light source life problem solving and high-definition television hit, with many advantages of micro-display rear projection sales will have a qualitative leap. At the same time , there will be more manufacturers to participate in the projection TV market to compete. "

3LCD: Power> pressure DLP take the lead in the face of new products
"launch an attack" most affected should be 3LCD Union. It is learned that, as the company's largest competitor rear projection DLP, 3LCD camp, Samsung, Akai DLP introduced new products to show interest.

"With LED light source technology, new products appear DLP, 3LCD camp on it is also good news. LED is sharing technology, DLP can, 3LCD can also be used." Xiao-Yun Yang told reporters China Electronics News said. But he admitted: "At present, LED light source technology using Epson products are still 'pockets of portable' dominated the small screen. Samsung, Akai introduced its new LED light source technology, large-screen DLP products do the walk in the 3LCD front. LED technology is the driving force of the 3LCD, opportunity, not pressure. "3LCD camp as an advocate Sony Stakeholders also expressed the same view with the Epson.

View of this situation, the industry expert analysis revealed that the problem is the projection light source life member of DLP, 3LCD and LCOS common problems. To alleviate the rapid growth of flat-panel TVs strong pressure, DLP, 3LCD and LCOS only temporarily put aside internal competition, in light source technology from each other, as soon as possible out of life and other key sources of technical constraints, to form a micro-display rear projection own core competence .
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Led Status Light Intractable Dilemma Rear Projection Tv-led, Electric Light, Led - Lighting Industry

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This article was published on 2011/01/21