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Use Projector To achieve three-dimensional holographic projection optical imaging, sound like some good to be true, but with three-dimensional holographic projection, dream-like image effect, sought after by the industry, from the U.S. presidential election, down to the daily lives of the people, holographic projection with science fiction-like effect to create a virtual world with the dual reality.

Personal projectors will play a more broad and rich picture of the application. A full projection of the times coming in the future will bring us exactly what would change? First, by following this paragraph 3D holographic projection optical imaging Technology For our lives to change the future of video, hope that the future of personal projector has a wide range of application of perceptual awareness. With the three-dimensional holographic projection

, fantastic imaging effect, sought after by the industry, from the U.S. presidential election, down to the people's daily life, like a holographic projection using science fiction to create the virtual and the real effect of the double world.

Display holographic images to numerous hunting

Recently, we received a rather interesting message, users learned that during the U.S. presidential election TV Taiwan to use holographic projection technology, the urgent hope that the next Spring Festival Evening we can see the technology, even obscenity at home when we can "live experience", in order to allow users to more detailed understanding of holographic projection technology, Xiao Bian to you concluded under the current direction of holographic projection technology.

The media industry: the most typical is the CNN television, Americans will be very concerned about the politics, the right technology and the entertainment will not be exclusive, but CNN is no doubt this combination is very clear, first of all to attract people before Some people know that your programs are good (not the Spring Festival Gala small Shenyang how to fire it).

Services and Sell Industry: service and sales industry is the most basic needs of the masses, and can attract consumers maximum is benevolent, this point is a sense of something new holographic technology + technology strengths. Is a typical Korean street dance showcase and sales centers in Australia Audi applications.

Tourism and Religion: in front of you may feel that is too far away, look at the following industry by the Core Alliance Ka holographic projection products, you may find that the holographic technology on your side, maybe we just lack of attention. It is worth mentioning that the recent joint Rui Ka industry also developed a 360 holographic projection technology.

Stage design new trend: holographic projection technology breakthrough in the traditional sound, light, electricity and limited space image color, contrast and sharpness are very high, space sense, a strong sense of perspective. It not only can produce three-dimensional aerial phantom, phantom can also interact with the performers, with the completion of performance, the performance results produced awesome.

Transparent and phantom holographic display: This should not be regarded as a specific application, but another display of holographic technology, it can be displayed simultaneously on both sides, science and technology lifestyle.

Although we may see not enjoyable, but there is no doubt a lot of the holographic projection technology is an important new technology in the highlights, but also Projector The trend of professional refinement, one projector for the future development of the industry also has great significance, if you want to know more about the holographic projection of new technologies and applications, please feel free to follow-up report concerns projection of the times.

Holographic principle applied to study various forms of volatility, such as X-ray, microwave, acoustic, Electronic Wave and so on. As long as these fluctuations in the formation of the interference pattern with sufficient coherence when you can. Optical holography is expected to be three-dimensional film, television, exhibitions, microscopy, interference metrology, projection lithography, military reconnaissance and surveillance, underwater detection, metal internal exploration, preservation of precious historical relics, works of art, information Storage , Remote sensing, research and record changes in the physical state of fast transient phenomena, transient process
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To Create Virtual And Realistic Holographic Projection Of Double World - Projection - Education

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This article was published on 2010/12/14